In order to compensate for the idle time of your projects during the render phase and the insufficient processing power of your computers, the fastest and most economical solution will be to get support from a render farm.

            Render farm support saves you time and gives you the opportunity to devote more time to different needs of your project.

Adres Tasarim Render Farm works with a system that differs from the standard farm concept.

 – After receiving the three dimensional scenes to be rendered, the render and light settings are checked.
– Test renders are produced, and afterwards, these renders are shared with you for approval.

– Lighting and render optimisation can be done, if requested.

In a standard farm concept, the scenes are loaded into the system, and the renders are produced. However, if there are any missing scenes or incorrect scene import caused by the customer, then there is no optimisation done unlike our system. Therefore, cost and time savings are gained in our system by determining any potential errors and mistakes at the beginning of the project work.

Our render farm computers have over 600 GHz processing power capacity and over 400 GB of RAM.