Aerial Filming


With our 4K Ultra HD cameras and other filming equipment, we can capture any multi-dimensional or perspective required from the sky. It can make a big difference for your project to have aerial clips for advertisement, presentation, marketing and sales. When aerial imaging drone is in the air, the camera operator can watch the video real time with the director from the monitoring station on the ground. Much more creative results can be achieved with a camera that can be viewed real-time and rotated 360°.


Aerial imaging drone is capable of shooting 24 million pixels in resolution from the desired angle and height. When taking aerial photographs, it is possible to arrange images in real time from the monitoring station on the ground so that the desired frame can be captured. Aerial imaging drones, with their 1 meter diameter, provides the possibility of taking off even when it is considered to be narrow for flights. Delivery time for photos to be taken is 15 minutes.


In project works called virtual aerial tour, thanks to the system developed by our specialists, the project prepared in the computer environment is placed in the determined position on the land after videos and/or photographs are taken. Thus; you can present the complete state of your unfinished project to your user which enables starting the marketing process before the end of the project and providing the user experience prior to purchasing.


Offers 4K video with 30fps shooting capabilities. Possibility to use 12,15,17,22 and 45 mm lens with DSLR Camera. DJI Inspire Pro can record 16 megapixel photos and multi-point optical system allows you to get sharp images.


With its 6 motors and adjustable legs, Panasonic GH4 can record Ultra HD videos at 4K quality. It is the most useful system for movies and television series.


The largest model with 8 motors designed for devices such as the Canon Mark III. It is designed for high quality photos and videos. Depending on demand and project requirements, aerial shooting can be done by combining different cameras.